Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance from £7* per month!

* Based on Maximum Benefit £2,000 cover for a 1-year old neutered female Yorkshire Terrier based in NP15.
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My dog has a lifetime illness which they paid out for her treatment a couple of years ago and I feel relaxed knowing they will continue to cover my dog for her condition going forward.
Charlotte - InsureYourPaws's Customer - 14th April 2020


What is Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance?

Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance covers vet fees if your pet gets ill or injured in an accident. Cover is provided for each eligible illness/injury up to the limit stated in the policy, with no time limit.

This means you can claim as many times as you need on the same medical condition until the cover limit is reached. However, please note that once the maximum amount has been reached, that condition will no longer be covered. Also, the premium must be paid to maintain the insurance in effect.

At, Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance also includes cover for third party liability (dogs-only), accidental death, emergency boarding kennel fees and much more.

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  •     * may be subject to minimum premiums

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance worth it?

    Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance is an intermediate cover level with an affordable price and comprehensive cover, which makes it a great option.

    Its more comprehensive cover for injuries, illness, accidental death and more makes it a better option than more basic Accident Only policies, for example. However, only you can make the final decision if it is worth it based on your own needs and budget.

  • What is the difference between Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Pet Insurance?

    Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance, at, cover the same benefits. What makes them different is mainly the fact that the Maximum Benefit covers veterinary fees up to a fixed amount per condition. There is no time limit so long as you keep the cover in force but once the set limit is reached, there will be no cover.

    On the other hand, Lifetime Pet Insurance provides continuous cover for the conditions and its maximum amount is reset each year the policy is renewed with no gap in cover.

  • Does Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance cover existing conditions?

    Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, only those that happen within the policy period. Also, injuries occurring within the first 48 h and illnesses occurring within the first 14 days are excluded.

For long-term or recurring illness cover for your pet, choose Lifetime Pet Insurance. Get a Quote!

What does Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance Cover?


What's not covered


What does Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance Cover?

Veterinary Fees

The Vet fee cover is provided up to the limit on your policy schedule, per each specifically identifiable illness or injury subject to the renewal of the policy at each anniversary and premiums paid on time.

Third-Party Liability

Cover provided is for accidental bodily Injury (fatal or non-fatal) or accidental damage to property not owned by you or in the custody or control of you caused by your dog.

Emergency Boarding Kennel or Cattery Fees

We will pay the cost up to the policy limit of boarding your pet at a licensed premise if you, or anyone normally living with you, need to go into hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Theft or Straying

We will cover the purchase price of your pet up to the policy limit if it is stolen or goes missing and no recovery is made within 45 days, despite advertising and offering a reward. If your pet is lost or stolen you must contact us and police within 48 hours of your pet going missing.

Advertising and Reward Costs

Cover provided for the cost of local advertising if your pet is lost or stolen as well as the cost of a suitable reward up to the policy limit.

Accidental Death

We will pay the purchase price up to maximum benefit of your pet if it dies or has to be put to sleep by a vet following an accident.

Holiday Cancellation

This provides cover for any cancellation costs that you cannot recover if you have to cancel or cut short your holiday because your pet got injured/illness while you are away.

Optional Overseas Travel Insurance

We will reimburse you for up to the policy limit for veterinary fees, quarantine costs, emergency repatriation and loss of passport during a journey made by you and your pet within the European Union.

What's not covered

We can pay vets directly, so you don’t need to worry when your pet needs your full attention.

Compare Other Types of Pet Insurance

  • From £5 * per monthGet a Quote
    * Based on Dog Accident Only cover £1,000 cover.

Depending on the vet fee limit selected, cover can be provided for veterinary fees up to a maximum of £2,000, for each covered accidental injury including any illness caused by the accident for up to 12 months subject to the renewal of the policy and premiums being paid on time.

  •   Veterinary Fees
  •   Third-Party Liability (Dogs Only)
  • From £9 * per monthGet a Quote
    * Based on Lifetime £ 5,000 cover for a 1 year old neutered female Small Mongrel based in NP15.

Depending on the vet fee limit selected, this reinstatement policy can provide cover for veterinary fees up to a maximum of £10,000 per policy year for all new covered illnesses or injuries. As long as the policy is renewed and premiums paid on time, it will provide cover for long-term or recurring illnesses for the length of the policy.

  •   Veterinary Fees
  •   Third-Party Liability (Dogs Only)
  •   Lifetime Cover
  •   Accidental Death
  •   Emergency Boarding Kennel or Cattery Fees
  •   Theft or Straying
  •   Holiday Cancellation
  •   Lost & Found Ads
  •   Overseas Travel

If you've got more than one cat or dog, you might want to consider a multi-pet policy **. You could cover multiple pets at the same time, qualify up to 10% discount and have all of your documents in one place!

** may be subject to minimum premiums