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1 in 3 pets require veterinary treatment each year and with veterinary costs continuing to rise, treatment can run into thousands of pounds. Should your much loved pet suddenly need medical treatment, the last thing you want to worry about is being able to afford expensive veterinary fees.

Choosing the right cover for you can relieve some of the upset of seeing your pet unwell and believe that pet insurance should be affordable to everyone. We offer three different policy types and allow you to select the veterinary limit so that you can chose an insurance policy that suits your budget whilst giving you peace of mind that your furry friend is well-protected.

Accident Only Cover provides cover for veterinary fees up to a maximum of £2,000 for each accidental injury including any illness caused by the accident for up to 12 months. Policies start from as little as £3.33* per month!

Maximum Benefit Cover provides vet’s fee cover up to a maximum of £6,000, for each illness or injury. Once the amount has been paid out, the treatment won’t be covered again. Policies start from as little as £5.17* per month!

Lifetime Cover reinstatement policies provides cover for any new medical illness or injury up to a maximum of £10,000. As long as the policy is renewed it will provide cover for long-term or recurring illnesses for the length of the policy. Policies start from as little as £7.67* per month! are dedicated to animal welfare and will donate £1 for every policy sold to national animal charities.

If you've got more than one cat or dog, you might want to consider a multi-pet policy. You could cover multiple pets at the same time, qualify for a 10% discount and have all of your documents in one place!

*Based on 1yr old moggie living in CF36

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  • Award winning insurance provider
  • Up to 10% multipet discount  §
  • We can/will pay vets directly
  • 0% APR on monthly payments
  • £1 per policy sold donated to Charity
  •     § may be subject to minimum premiums